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Another letter of support from Senator Andrew J. Lanza

---> Letter from Senator Lanza

From Tom Sullivan at the LBA meeting on March 23, 2011

V.S.F./DEFINED BENEFIT: As previously reported in the February 27, 2011 newsletter, the aggressive response by the L.B.A., jointly with the N.Y.C. Police and Fire Unions Alliance, is turning the tide on the V.S.F. issue.

Through frequent visits to the N.Y. State Senate and Assembly and the City Council, the Uniformed Unions were successful in educating our elected officials as to the “FACTS” concerning the V.S.F. benefit.

A number of our elected leaders became outraged over the lies and “FICTION” being circulated by Mayor Bloomberg.

Several politicians went public with letters of support for the union position.
Their articles can be viewed below:

Tony Avella, N.Y.S. Senator, 11th District

David Weprin, N.Y.S. Assemblyman, Queens

James Sanders, N. Y.C. Council Member, 31st District (Chair - Civil Service & Labor Comm.)

John C. Liu, N.Y.C. Comptroller

'Fiction vs Fact' -
VSF Newspaper Ad
Feb 18, 2011



Article from The Chief
Posted: Monday, February 14, 2011 5:00 pm.

Union Leaders Insist They’re Not Bending In Fight Over VSF

By MARK TOOR The Chief

The Daily News reported Feb. 11 that two police-union leaders said they’re willing to negotiate ending Variable Supplements Fund payments for officers hired in the future, but the pair, Michael J. Palladino of the Detectives Endowment Association and Thomas R. Sullivan of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association, said that characterization goes a little too far.

Countering the Mayor

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By Tom Sullivan,President, LBA

For some time now the Bloomberg Administration, through the media (especially the New York Post), has been orchestrating a one-sided and often misinformed crusade against the Uniformed Unions’ pension, health and variable supplement settlements. These settlements were achieved through honest, open and fair bargaining with the City and their representatives with respective Union Officers. It seems, as of late, that the City has decided to no longer hold up their end of the bargains, nor to deal with the Unions in an open and transparent manner.

On Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, Mayor Bloomberg gave his State of the City Address at the St. George Theater in Staten Island. Here is part of the mayor’s speech as it applies to Pension Reform:.....

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