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Update on Dependent Verification Letter!

UPDATE - September 19, 2013

We wish to remind our members that the deadline to provide the required paperwork to comply with the NYC Office of Labor Relations' Verification of Eligible Dependents Verification/Audit must be received and entered into the system by AON-Hewett staff (the sub-contractor hired by the City to conduct the Audit) no later then Friday, October 4th.

If you do not have all the required paperwork on hand, we suggest you forward whatever documents you have readily available. As long as AON-Hewett receives some of the required paperwork prior to the deadline, our members will be entitled to provide the missing documents during an eight week Appeals Period.

If you have any questions in regard to this matter please contact us at the LBA, 212-964-7500 (Option# 2)

UPDATE - September 5, 2013

Dear LBA Member:

We have been informed by the NYC Office of Labor relations that they will now accept a copy of a Marriage Certificate issued by a religious institution as proof of marriage. We know that many of our members, especially those married several years in the past, had been inconvenienced by being informed that they had to provide a government issued Marriage Certificate. We hope this makes your complying with the Verification of Eligible Dependents Audit a bit less stressful. Please remember that you must comply with the stipulations of the Audit by forwarding the required paperwork, either by mail, FAX, or e-mail, to AON-Hewett no later than Friday, October 4th.

If you have any questions in regard to this matter please give us a call at the LBA, 212-964-7500 (Option# 2).

Lou Turco

UPDATE - August 27, 2013

Dear LBA Member(s):

The Lieutenants Benevolent Association is now comfortable in advising our members to comply with the request from the NYC Office of Labor Relations to provide verification of eligible dependents. The deadline to provide the proof of eligible dependents is Friday, October 4th. The significant objectionable issues directly related to the NYC Office of Labor Relations Verification of Eligible Dependents Audit, which could have had a negative impact on some of our members, have been rectified.

The “Health Insurance Dependent Verification Audit” the City sent out to employees and retirees was challenged by the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC), because the City failed to negotiate with the MLC over certain mandatory subjects of collective bargaining. The MLC obtained a Temporary Restraining Order from the New York State Supreme Court against the City prohibiting further implementation of the Audit. Thereafter the City and the MLC met and an Agreement was achieved to permit the Audit to continue under the following conditions:

* The deadline to provide proof of eligibility of dependents must be submitted by October 4, 2013. This was extended from September 20, 2013.

* If an employee or retiree self reports dependents who must be removed by October 4, 2013, that employee or retiree will not be subject to:

* Recoupment of monies from premiums or claims incorrectly paid; or

* Disciplinary charges.

* If an employee or retiree submits proof of dependent eligibility by the October 4, 2013 deadline and their dependent's eligibility is denied, there is a three step appeal process that ends with an expedited arbitration. During the appeal process no dependent will lose coverage. If after the appeal process, a dependent is ultimately deemed ineligible the City has indicated that it would not seek recoupment when there was reasonable disagreement or a misunderstanding(s) to eligibility.

* Further, the confidentiality and privacy of the proof that is submitted is protected in that once the proof is accepted it will be destroyed and the City's consultant will verify the destruction of the submitted proof. If there is any breach of confidentiality or privacy the MLC, the individual or his/her employee representative will have a right to file a lawsuit against the City's consultant or its subcontractors that will be receiving the submitted proof.

* In addition, the City will support legislation that will ensure no criminal charges will be brought against any employee/retiree if that employee/retiree self reports dependents who must be removed by October 4, 2013.

Once the Agreement is fully executed by the City, the MLC, and the Board of Collective Bargaining, it will be submitted to the Court to order the settlement.

Lou Turco